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Friday, April 25, 2014

A new, great, motorbike season

Another winter is gone and a new motorbike season arrives to make our life better. 
We leave the cold and the 4 wheelers for something more adventurous, with a better view of the road and a better feel of the places we travel. 
And yes, not to forget a better temperature, just enough to smell the hot tarmac you roll on, the flowers in the trees you pass by and the gracious wind that touches us. It is the motorbike season again, the time to take our babies out of the garage where we have started them often during winter time, hearing the engine roar, remembering the good times we had and dreaming for new great travels to come on two wheels.
Be it a BMW, a Yamaha, a Ducati or a Triumph, a speed motorbike, an enduro or an off road motorcycle, the passion is the same, it burns inside you it itches you and you must scratch it.
So take your adventure spirit with you and ride, ride that baby! Put your troubles aside and experience new places. Ride smoothly the mountain roads, the hills and valleys; escape on a motorcycle and ride for the thrill, for the challenge, for the ride!
Feel the excitement, the pleasure, the camaraderie on the roads.

Have a great season riders!

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