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Friday, January 22, 2016

Let's take a ride in Hungary!

An exciting motorbike ride in Budapest - the city of thermal spas and turn of the century architecture, Budapest is a great place to enjoy a rest day during your motorbike quest.

The city offers plenty of opportunities, from a ride on the Danube River, admiring the Castle Hill on the other side, being overwhelmed by the impressive size and astonishing architecture of the Palace of Parliament and deeply moved by the story behind The Shoes Memorial.

Riding along the Danube, very close to the Palace of Parliament, on the Danube Edge you will find a strange site. Shoes. Lots of shoes facing the water.

As you approach you might feel the need to play silly, try on a pair for a selfie shot that probably will bring lots of likes and shares on Social Media. Getting closer you will soon realize that it is more than just old shoes extracted from the water. It is a Memorial having behind one of the saddest stories of Budapest history pages.

In the freezing winter of 1944 - 1945 the ruling Arrow Cross Party gathered on the banks of the Danube a group of people guilty for having practised ..... jewish activities.They were aligned facing the river, striped their clothes by force and shot in the back at close range by a firing squad.

At the impact their bodies would fall into the river leaving behind their clothes and shoes on the cold riverbank.

The shoes you see today are a Memorial to the victims that died in these Holocaust atrocities, about 60 pairs of cast iron shoes left on the bank just like after the shooting.

If you pay attention you will see children shoes, women and men, different types, poor or rich. No one was spared.
So instead of giving in to the first impuls of taking a selfie trying out one of the pairs of shoes you now feel like commemorating them in a way, like bringing some flowers (as you see other people doing still today), learning the story, taking some pictures even, but not trying out a pair, because no one should ever be in their shoes again.

This is one of the sad stories of Budapest history, still, enjoy the present as Budapest is a trilling city.

Ride across the Danube River using the Chain Bridge, enjoy a walk up on Castle Hill, visit the Old Market Place, enjoy lunch at one of the terraces from the pedestrian areas or on a river cruise, possibilities are plenty and night life opportunities are endless.

Just a short ride from Budapest you will find Balaton Lake - ride the banks of the largest fresh water Lake in Europe - leading towards Slovenia, because that is where our road is taking us.

Coming soon.

Part of Hungary, Budapest rest day and Balaton Lake Ride are included in Eastern Europe Motorcycle Tour by Transylvania Live. If just watching the movie isn't enough join us this august in a multi country 18 day motorbike adventure.

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