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Friday, February 12, 2016

BMW Motorcycle tour - Plitvice Jezera Croatia

From Ljublijana (Slovenia) to Plitvice Jezera National Park (Croatia)

Morning ride over Dragons Bridge in Ljublijana heading south to Croatia. The border crossing is easy and the border officers are friendly and helpful.
Don't look for a sign that says Croatia. you will not find it. You will however, find the entrance sign to Hrvatska, that's when you know you've reached Croatia (Hrvatska = Croatia).

Enjoy riding narrow mountain roads and the magical forests and hills of Ogulin. The story is that mystical creatures live in these forests.

They show themselves to good hearted people when they are in need. We've never met such a creature, now if it is because we were not good at heart enough or never in trouble needing magical assistance, I can not say. What I do know is that the ride in the area was amazing and the Giant of Ogulin was still asleep.

Klek, the giant - was turned into stone by the powerful, magical sword of God Volos when he rebelled against the gods. Klek Mountain is also known as the Mountain of the Witches who supposedly, on stormy nights, are performing rituals on Mount Klek in order to awake the giant.

We reach the charming town of Ogulin just in time for lunch. Enjoy a plate of traditional croatian food, take some pictures at Ogulin historic stone castle - Kula and head to central Croatia to the region of Plitvice Jezera.

The road is narrow, sinuous, covered with forests and leading to one of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe  Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Situated in central Croatia in the mountain carst region, between the mountains of Mala Kapela and Pljesevica, Plitvice Lakes National Park was founded in 1949 and received its UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1979 due to its astonishing beauty and unique geological evolution.

One or two days are recommended in this region as Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must see when travelling in Croatia.

There are few words to describe the beauty of the region and do not do it justice, better see it for yourself, visit the Park, enjoy a nice walk along the lakes. Just breath the fresh air and relax....

Make use of the boat rides and transportation that are included in the price of your ticket.Comfortable shoes are recommended. Remember to take with you a bottle of water - the walk will make you thirsty.There are shops at the entrance and exit from the park but tend to get crowded. Leave your swim suit at the hotel, swimming in the lake is not allowed.
No matter if you visit 4 hours or 2 days, starting at the 1st or 2nd gate of the Park remember to bring your camera. You will get plenty of photo opportunities.

A great ride to central Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is included in Eastern Europe Motorcycle Tour by Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live. A 18 Day multi country experience in the heart of the Balkans.
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